Changing the business of scrap catalytic converters.

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Elevation Auto Core has its own XRF lab allowing us to grade each individual, internal brick of a catalytic converter. This gives us the ability to give live assay pricing of your lot of converters in real time. The prices are live and update every morning based on the grams of Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium contained per part number.

The mobile app is fully searchable by make or part number and will bring up real purchase prices for your converters in real time.

DO NOT TRUST ANY APP THAT HAS "ASSAY CUSTOMERS ONLY" PRICING as the purchasing company does not have to stand behind any individual price as lots are mixed and you are paid in the end.

Please note that the app is for customers only and requires a login to access.

Please click the logos below for your operating device for a quick link to the mobile pricing application.
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