Changing the business of scrap catalytic converters.

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Elevation auto core is the best and only clear choice for Catalytic converter recycling. We strive to stay ahead in the converter recycling industry with full transparency to our internal and external partners. We offer purchasing of both ceramic and foil converters and offer Toll refining for large lots.

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What we do

EAC purchases, and fully processes scrap ceramic catalytic converters, diesel DOC and DPF filters, o2 sensors and Foil units.

We purchases these units by the piece and can offer a toll option for large lots of any of the assets mentioned above.
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The Difference

EAC owns its very own XRF lab. This is not a handheld unit shooting the face of converters to get a "general" value. We cut out, weigh and sample each internal brick of every different Part number giving us the ability to purchase converters by the piece at the same value of an assay (We do offer an assay option) because we know the grams of each PGM contained to the thousandth.

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